Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If You Don’t Have a Web Presence, Are You Doing Your Job?

“The times they are a-changing.” - Bob Dylan

“Professor, when did you last post a blog or publish a webcast aimed at teachers?” - Me

Last month I promised I would say a bit more about my collaboration with the choral group Zambra to provide musical interpretations of mathematical equations. I will definitely come back to that in a future column, but right now I want to pick up a theme that emerged in a Finnish-American education summit at Stanford last month, for which I led the home-team organization. 

In particular, take a look at this brief video clip of math-teacher/blogger Dan Meyer making a point in a panel discussion at the conference. (Sorry about the low sound level. The recording was from Dan’s flip-video camera.)

For a broad overview of the summit, see the report in The Huffington Post. To see Dan’s complete blog post on the panel, which includes the full, hour-long video recording, see I’ll come back to that panel in just a moment. (And in a future column, I’ll tell you about the other person on the panel, Karim Ani, the founder of that wonderful, innovative, math-educational resource Mathalicious.) First, the summit itself.